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Let us help find, enhance and power ideas throughout your organization.


We can help make meetings less painful and more productive.

Verified Results

Results matter, and we put skin in the game by correlating our fees with your verified results. 

Fast and Customized Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) and Change Management for better Results

Guaranteed Results

Unlike other consultants that promise a lot and deliver little, we are confident enough in our ability and processes to guarantee results. This results guarantee is your assurance that we motivated by your success. Our fees are linked to your successful and meaningful results. We do not require long-term contracts as we want your decision to use Wiki CPI to be an easy one. We also offer some initial FREE services to build our relationship, learn about your organization and to help identify opportunities where we can work together to help you achieve increased profits.

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"The ultimate judge of your swing is the flight of the ball." - Ben Hogan

"The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it." - Moliere


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