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Wiki Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Inc. was founded by Matthew Cohn in order to obtain faster and better results through process improvement.  His experience with process improvement “Experts” and belts of many colors has been that very few are competent in efficiently facilitating events, delivering well thought-out recommendations or getting results that matter.  Some of his frustrations were the lack of respect for people's time, lack of rigor in basic fundamentals, too much rigor in implementing tools that added little or no value and the general slowness of the entire process.  Wiki CPI is committed to improving the process of process improvement.

Matthew has a broad range of experience in information technology, healthcare and process improvement.  He brings experience working in small business as well as government organizations which have included the US Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Army.  He is a retired Naval Medical Service Corps and is passionate about supporting Veterans transitioning to small business owners and offers free limited consultation to our nation's heroes.

At Wiki CPI, we are not constrained by any specific methodology.  We take the eclectic problem solving approach and match methods which are best suited in solving the problem at hand.  In our name Wiki CPI, “Wiki” is a Hawaiian in origin and is actually short for Wiki Wiki which translates to fast or quick.  We believe that Process Improvement is an iterative process and getting though that process quickly allows for more cycles and substantially better results.  We also believe in ourselves enough to not expect fees if we do not deliver agreed upon results. 

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A new division has been established within WIKI CPI called Hero Franchising. The mission is to assist Veterans is finding viable Franchise Opportunities.



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"We will either find a way or make one." - Hannibal

"Every person who has mastered a profession is a skeptic concerning it." - George Bernard Shaw



Heo Franchising Logo Hero Franchising is a new Division within Wiki CPI which assists Veterans in evaluating and finding Franchise Opportunities.
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